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Superior. “I found the level of professionalism and marketing depth superior. The communications, technology and follow-through was excellent.” –S.L.

Civility. “I appreciate your calm and professionalism [during the sale of this home]; such civility is rare these days.” –M.H.

Perseverance. “The Dream Team! Thank you all for helping navigate the last few weeks. We are very grateful for your hard work, perseverance and graciousness in this very unusual (and stressful) market.” –C. & I.E.

Reach. “We recommend Michelle&Team, especially to folks who need to reach the NYC buyer. We loved Michelle and her team – everybody was professional and had a “can do” attitude.” –L.S.

Efficient. “Our experience could not have been better! The team worked closely with us from start to finish and identified a buyer in less than 60 days and closed in less than 90. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Michelle&Team and will use them again!” –T.P.

Everyone Needs a Home. “I can’t thank you enough for promoting Little Pink Shelter and, more importantly, rescue as a whole. We live in an area where education and affluence doesn’t always ensure ethical decisions. Anything we can do to promote rescue is a gift to rescue dogs everywhere!” –H.C.

Respectful. “I thank each and every one of you for her, or his, job done. Always courteous and respectful. I am thankful for everything!” –G.P.

Powerful. “We experienced the power and professionalism of the Raveis organization and, notably, the Michelle&Team brand. From start to finish, we felt the resources, rigor, and process of a big company accompanied by the concern and sensitivity of a small neighborhood company.” –R.C.

Flawless. “The sale of our home was flawless, quick and without one glitch! You run a smooth operation and I appreciated everyone’s efforts! What a great group! And I made new friends to boot!” –M.F.

Talented. “I needed a team behind me that understood, at a gut level, the subtleties of ultra-modern design. Michelle&Team not only “got it”, but embraced it. A very quick and painless sale in a very difficult market. Bravo to Michelle and her exceptionally talented team.” –R.R.

Results. “Outstanding service from preparing our home to go on the market to closing the sale at full price! Everyone on Michelle’s team is fantastic at their role and work together to make the process smooth and seamless.” –C.Z.

The Right Choice. “We closed! Once again you prove why you are the right choice! Thank you for all your efforts. You are the best!” –J.K.

Teamwork. “Thank you for helping us buy…and recently sell our home. What a ride it has been! Appreciate the great teamwork to make this happen!.” –L.A.

Top Notch. “Michelle&Team’s team approach made communication extremely easy. The team is top notch & helped us make our home stand out through staging & marketing. I’m extremely grateful for the support & wise counsel of Michelle who knows the market very well and provided us with sage advice! Thank you for helping us find the right buyers to love our home as much as we did.” –M.C.

Unparalleled. “I am extremely impressed by your marketing and communication machine. I feel the quality of the marketing is unparalleled. I appreciated (and read through) the monthly packets with the relevant statistics plus all the advertisements. I am happy and will proactively recommend you to anyone selling their home.” –D.T.

Extraordinary. “We experienced superb customer care and extraordinary communication with Michelle&Team! Michelle gave us a frank assessment of the market and a solid game plan for selling in a tough market with flawless execution…you corner the market on networking!” –K.&B.M.

Brilliant. “Michelle is a brilliant marketer. After a short meeting with her to review the property details, she captured everything in the brochure, down to the minor detail. Unbelievably impressive and remarkable. Thank you and I appreciate the work you do. Totally blown away.” –F.L.

Wonderful. “It was so wonderful working with you! We feel very lucky to have had you in our corner (twice) during this process!” –B.H.

Seamless. “I don’t know what to say…You have all been so wonderful and so attentive. You made the whole process of selling my home as painless as possible. Michelle, you immediately put me at ease and instilled confidence. Your business sense is second to none. Your attention to detail is outstanding. Truly top notch. No complaints! Martin, always there for me. Answering questions. Turning lights on and off. Providing feedback. Exceptional! Amy, always so cheerful! Always knowing the answer or finding the solution. Absolutely magnificent! Thank you all, and the rest of the team! Go team!” –B.L.

Professional. “Thank you so much Michelle! We enjoyed working with your team, always available, always professional!” –J.&S.L.

Resourceful. “We thought selling our home was going to be easy. When a routine transaction became difficult, you were there to help us navigate our way through. Your experience, knowledge and resources for all the issues that kept cropping up were critical to closing the deal.” –R.J.

Enthusiastic. “Michelle&Team is very competent and gets the job done! From our initial meeting with Michelle – to the photo shoot, brochure production, buyer introductions and the negotiation process – Michelle and her team demonstrated great competence, enthusiasm and professionalism. Michelle was recommended to us by another satisfied client and given the chance we will do the same.” –D.D.

Fantastic. “Listing our property with Michelle&Team was a highly customer oriented experience. Your communication with us was extraordinary at every phase of the process. Kudos to Michelle and your fantastic team of associates!” –S.G.

Superlative. “Michelle&Team earned their bragging rights! In a few short months we listed & sold not one but two homes. An absolute accomplishment in this market.” –P.R.

Service. “Michelle&Team delivered what I needed to sell an estate property: maximum exposure, superior level of service and a high probability of activity. I was very pleased with the presentation of the property and exposure. The results were very positive under the difficult market conditions. Negotiations were prompt, simple and exceeded all expectations.” –G.G.

Dedication. “Congratulations on being awarded by The Wall Street Journal one of the top teams in the United States. Your professionalism and dedication make you one of the most accomplished agents not only in the Company & Connecticut, but also the Country! This is quite an accomplishment. I sincerely appreciate your hard work and dedication and I’m very happy to have you as a part of the Raveis team.” –William Raveis, CEO

Exceptional. “I contacted Michelle after reading about her in The New York Times article “Super Agents, Super Teams.” I had a newly constructed home to sell, and it had been on the market for over a year. Michelle proved to be an exceptional agent with effective marketing and negotiation techniques that were necessary to put the deal together.” –D.D.

Outstanding. “I was very nervous about the whole selling process, especially in this slow market, yet the process was as smooth as smooth could be. Every time I had a question, it was answered immediately. Any problems solved, just like that! The entire team works perfectly well together. The best part of all was the attention to personal service is outstanding!” –B.Z.

Connected. “Michelle&Team has the tools and network to reach a large audience of prospective buyers. Your marketing is the best offered by any Westport realtor. You get the job done right.” –J.&M.C.

Attention. “We were looking for the best, and we got it! We were greatly pleased with the levels of attention and professionalism we received from the Michelle&Team. We will definitely use Michelle for future transactions.” –H.&S.S.

Knowledge. “From the first moment that we met Michelle, we were extremely impressed with her knowledge of the real estate world and her interest in our property. We felt the same with all the other members of her office. Michelle&Team was recommended to us by a builder from the area who said she was the best in the business and we think he was correct!” –J.B.

The Best. “I choose Michelle&Team because I figured Michelle would represent me the best and understood the styling and type of house I had, and therefore would be able to sell it the best! The experience of selling the house was a good one, and it was a quick and right action.” –N.S.

Dedicated. “Who knew how easy and pleasant it would be to sell a house? The dedicated and professional staff of Michelle&Team supported us all the way. The marketing skills of Michelle Genovesi are second to none. Yeah Team!” –R.&A.G.

Service. “You all delivered on the promises you made. Your service and response times were excellent. I liked how you solved problems before they became problems.” – B.&L.G.

Expertise. “Your professionalism, knowledge and marketing are in a class alone. We have no idea why anyone would list a house with anyone but you! This was the easiest transaction we have ever had. Not only did Michelle get us our price, but after a year on the market with someone else, she sold it in only 3 weeks! Your team was so professional and we loved the fact that each person excelled in their area of expertise. It all makes so much sense and I’m not sure why every company isn’t run like yours! Thank you again for making a difficult time in our lives so easy!” –C.&A.C.

Friendly. “Michelle and her team made us feel as if our needs were their needs. They became much more than realtors – they became and continue to be friends.” –M.C.

Experience. “I found that Michelle covered all her bases, especially with the marketing of my home. Her personal service was very good. Selling a home can have its ups and downs. Michelle and her team make the process as painless as it can be. This was the fifth home I have sold and my experience with their quality of service was the best yet. You want them on your team!!” –J.D.

Attentive. “It was certainly a pleasure to work with Michelle Genovesi, who we found to be professional, knowledgeable and conscientious. Michelle was not only attentive to our needs but also organized every last detail to ensure a smooth and successful property transfer. She is to be commended on such high quality representation of your company.” –Z.R.

Accolades. “Nothing but accolades for the team!” –S.M.

Enthusiasm. “Seldom in this day and age does one encounter the professionalism, enthusiasm and attitude toward service that Michelle exemplified on every occasion. You truly have a valuable asset in Michelle Genovesi.” –J.M.F.

Outstanding. “The service and quick response by all the team members is outstanding. Your suggestions for ways to make the home “show well” worked brilliantly!” –S.I.

Honest. “Our agent – Ms. M. Genovesi – was superb. Honest and realistic in her market evaluation, relentlessly supportive in her marketing campaign and a joy to work with. A Gem!” –J.C.

Pleased. “We cannot express how pleased we are with Michelle Genovesi. The most admirable quality was that she would let us work at our pace. Our many thanks.” –P.W.

Dedication. “My wife and I were thoroughly impressed by Michelle’s dedication, honesty and professionalism throughout the process … Michelle was there for us every step of the way.” –M.R.W.

Personable. “I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and praise for the prompt, professional and personable service provided by Ms. Genovesi. It was Ms. Genovesi’s empathy, realism and unerring persistence that netted your firm the deal.” –D.J.D.

Professional. “Michelle is a good, professional and very experienced real estate agent that strongly represented me in the sale of my property. I would not hesitate to list my next property with her. She actually may add value to a property.” –F.F.

Style & Grace. “Thank you for representing our home with such style and grace. Your professionalism and enthusiasm made all the difference.” –J.&S.S.

Tenacity. “I would like to commend Michelle Genovesi on the outstanding job she did! Michelle gave us an honest assessment. Michelle had a buyer within the week after we gave her our listing. Her professionalism, tenacity, overall good feeling and style points will always be greatly appreciated! Michelle is a “Selling Machine.” –B.S.

Refreshing. “Michelle has provided exceptional service. Her efforts go well beyond what is expected; her personality and style are also pleasant and refreshing.” –J.A.

Helpful. “Michelle Genovesi is not only very friendly; she is professional and extremely helpful – even after the sale was closed. We have never experienced this level of service with a real estate agent. She is an asset to your company.” –R.L.

Best in the Business. ” Listing Agent – Best in the Business! Michelle Genovesi has sold two of my houses (over a 12 month period). She is the best! I totally trust her ability to assess the property and the buyer!” –Lillian August

Winner. “My congratulations on your Top Lister award. You’re more than a Winner. You model commitment to service at its highest level.” –V.K.

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